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QotD: Rumsfeld, Mojo-less Poet Laureate

10/30/2003 Briefing on Iraq
Q Mr. Secretary, one of the news weeklies said -- asked whether you had lost your mojo. It's a simple question, without a premise. Have you lost your mojo? Or do you need to consult the Oxford English Dictionary?

I didn't,
but I consulted someone who did.
And they asked me that,
and I said I don't know what it means.
And they said,
in 1926 or something,
it had to do with jazz music.

Q Magic.


Q 1925.

I guess
the answer is
that beauty is in
the eye of the beholder.
I don't know enough
about mojo
to know.

DoD News: Secretary Rumsfeld briefs on Iraq

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