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Hallofest sucks

Hallofest sucked. Hallofest was terrible, awful, inexcusably bad. It was so bad that some people sold their tickets rather than enter. Let me explain.

Arrival time: ~11:30 (it might have been even earlier)
Time spent in Will Call line: 1 hour
Time spent in line to get in: 10 minutes
Time spent to get wristband for drinking: 5 minutes
Time spent to get inside the building my friends were in: 15 minutes

That means that I got into Hallofest at 1am! Last call is at 2am, which means that I spent $30 to wait in line for an hour and a half so that I could drink bad beer and bad vodka for one hour. Even if I didn't want to drink, I was compelled to by the fact that my mouth tasted like a sulfur spring. The Will Call line was lined with flares, which I can still taste a bit in my back of my throat, which is still a bit sore from breathing in the smoke.

There wasn't much relief from the awfulness inside, where it was terribly overcrowded. This wouldn't be terrible if it weren't for the fact that the crowd was composed of (a) people leaving the room because it's lame and (b) people entering the room hoping to find something that isn't lame. Your entire time is spent shoving or getting shoved around.

I'll keep this rant relatively short and leave you with one other reason why it was bad: they even made you wait in line if you wanted to get out. That's right, if waiting in four lines just to get in weren't enough, they continue the tradition by making you wait in line to get out.

Anyway, at least the company was good - I got to hang out with a really old friend of mine, as in the friend that I've known the longest in my life, and that was definitely fun and worth the trip. Next time I'll have to actually wear a costume instead of just painting a skunk stripe in my hair.

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