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In the spirit of using MovableType as an all-purpose leatherman, I now bring you:
KWC's Movie Management System (KMMS)

read on if you want to know how it's powered

The main component powering this is Brad Choate's Key Values Plugin. It allows you to store key/value pairs in the keywords field and use them in your entries. A typical KMMS entry looks like:

Finding Nemo


If I want to mark a movie as being loaned out, it looks like:
Title: Finding Nemo

The other component driving this is the almighty MTAmazon. I extract the 'asin' key and pass that it as a search value for MTAmazon, which brings it all to life.

I'm planning on some more work on the individual entry template so that you get more interesting information when you click on the movie, as well as a link to the Amazon page, but I'm hungry and am about to go see Matrix: Revolutions, so that will have to wait.

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