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Movie: Matrix Revolutions

metamanda hated it, rottentomatoes was tracking it at 38% approval, so how did I feel?

I liked the middle part of the movie, hated the first part, and had lukewarm reaction to the last part (more detailed breakdown in the extended entry). It's not as bloated as Matrix: Reloaded as is a better movie, but I think everyone already agrees the first was the best. If they combined the second two into a single self-contained movie, it probably would have been a lot better, and fit more naturally as a complement to the first movie (I listed some example cuts in the extended entry). Instead, the second and third installments feel disconnected from the original storyline and try to beat it in quantity rather than quality.


First 1/3: You ever see videos of people preparing elaborate domino setups? You know that it's going to be cool when they finally knock them down, but for the most part it's really boring. Mike pointed out that this is what the new Star Wars movies have been like, but to be fair to the Matrix, they at least try to get through it a little quicker.

Second 1/3: The battle for Zion was really cool. I thought they did an amazing job and held up the tension really well. The swarm special effects were awesome, and I really liked the APUs. The effects felt appropriate to the scene, which was something the first movie was really good at (i.e. special effects that feel natural, rather than contrived), and the second two lost a bit.

Last 1/3: It was cool to see the surface of the earth, it wasn't cool to have a really long goodbye between Neo and Trinity, even though Trinity needed to die for the story. The Agent Smith and Neo battle had a lot of cool ideas and effects. It felt like the Wachowski brothers wanted to do a Superman fight scene, and the Matrix was the only vehicle they had. The water effects were cool, there was a little too much kung-fu in the building, and the punch-in-the-face was cool even if I could tell it was computer generated. As for the end, man I hate that kid.

I really thought they were going to go for the matrix-within-a-matrix idea, which would have been completely consistent with the second movie, but instead they went with making Neo's human form superhero as well. I didn't like this because it seemed like he was invincible enough as it is without having to have inexplicable abilities in the real world. I guess the main problem with the matrix-within-a-matrix idea is that it can swallow itself into infinity, but whatever.

Things that should be cut:
- Every scene in the second movie should be cut in half.
- Start the burly brawl with Neo pulling the pole out of the ground.
- Cut the Morpheus' fight at the end of the highway scene - you can cut to the agent taking over the driver and crashing the truck, which makes more sense than a prolonged truck-top fight.
- Remove Neo vs. Seraph fight
- Remove the second trip to see the Merovingian. It felt exteremely flat and overly contrived (the pillar fight scene was boring), and all it did in the end was (a) introduce the last exile and (b) reinforce power of the oracle (or rather, her eyes). Even with the introduction the last exile didn't make any sense, and I don't think we needed help understanding why Agent Smith wants the Oracle's body.
- Instead of having Neo end up in a train station, have him end up at the Oracle's house so that you keep the proper setup for Agent Smith. The addition of yet another philosophy (karma) only bogged the movie down.
- Cut the Trinity death scene down. Zion is in imminent danger, and she's giving a prolonged death speech? Her character shouldn't be that weak. Clearly she needed to be killed, but why make it so sappy?
- Cut as much of that kid as possible. Man he bugs me.

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you need to warn people that there are serious spoilers in the extended entry.


whoops. There used to be a spoilers warning, but I guess it got deleted when I reorganized the entry.


pretty good!!! nice touch with the dragonballZ vibe

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