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photophotoThe old Mac Classic had a handle which turned it into an awkward, but portable desktop computer. The iMacs are also arguably portable, but Sony has come out with a successor to their Vaio W line that is a computer made for lan partying. A large handle is built into the design of the monitor, and the computer folds up like a briefcase for moving. Only available in Japan right now.
I4U News - New Sony portable Desktop Computer VAIO P PCV-P101
(via Gizmodo : The gadgets weblog)

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so... how is this different from/better than a laptop?


You would use this for the same reason you would use a desktop. It has a normal-sized keyboard and the screen is much larger (~18" wide). Even though it appears that you can get a battery for it, you would probably have to plug it in most of the time. Also, it weighs 16 pounds, so you wouldn't be lugging this thing to the coffee shop.

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