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Cool Inventions of 2003

2k3 still has two months left in it but the "Best of" articles are already hitting the Internet. These are some of my favorite items.

Bushnell Instant Replay: the closest thing to Tivo for the real world that I've seen. Press a button and it saves the last 30 seconds.

VisionCare Implantable Miniature Telescope: cyborg eye lens.

Emo-Gear Airboard: yeah, going headfirst down the slopes!

Water Purifier

Robo Lobster

Skyray: the uber-flugtag entry, the only one guaranteed to get you tricky.

Ice Bike

Cools and Cooks

Shanghai Transrapid: it goes only 19 miles and cost $1.2B, but it also goes 267 mph and connects the airport to Shanghai downtown 8 minutes.

Toyota Sienna: I'm including this here b/c a co-worker of mine has one and, man, do I want to borrow that mini-van for a road trip.

Remote-Control Electrostimulation Capsule: I had heard before about capsules you could swallow that photograph your innards, but what is cool/scary about this one is that it delivers small shocks to force your intestines to push the capsule forward or backwards.

Dodge Durango Frame Rails: a bumper on a huge truck that's designed not to kill the compact car in front of it.

Popular Science was silly enough to call the G5 the first 64-bit desktop computer, but I guess you can give Apple the award for best marketing department of 2003.

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