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Digital IQ

An IQ test I can actually score well on. I scored a 201. Would've been a little higher if I had a PDA. Also, in true nerd fashion, I have to point out that one of their questions is wrong. "The idea of the mouse, icons and point-and-click was introduced by: (a) Apple (b) IBM (c) Xerox (d) Microsoft" is an incorrectly worded question. Xerox PARC had the latter two, but the mouse came from Doug Englebart while at SRI. The writer could argue that "introduced" is different from "invented," but by that argument Apple/Xerox are both correct answers.
take the digital IQ test (requires flash)
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only a 201? i'm seriously disappointed. had i known you were such a mental nimcompoop, i never would have gotten to know you in the first place.


I've developed an alternate to MSNBC and Newsweek's so-called digital IQ test. Try it out:


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