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Style Invitational 530

I pretty much only liked the top two entries from The Style Invitational Week 530, in which the contestants had to take a word, and then add/alter/delete a letter to come up with three variations on the word and an appropriate definition.

Snowbearding:Adopting extreme sports as a way of seeming less gay
Snowbarding:Schussing e'er onward t'ward the hillock's scree / Whether mine neck to break, it is to be or not to be
Snowbogarding:Using up the snow so no one else can ski
(Dan Steinberg, Falls Church)

Colonicalism:A purge of the old regime
Clonialism:Government by genetically engineered pod people, e.g, bureaucrats
Cojonialism:Government by reckless displays of machismo
(Brendan Beary, Great Mills)

Ol' Time Warner:Media Giant, circa 2000
AWOL Time Warner:Media Giant, circa 2002
All Time Warner:Media Giant, circa 2004
(Dan Klein, McLean)

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