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I now have another blog, in fact, I have a couple more now so I figure I'll crosspost this to outline what's what.

There's my main blog,kwc blog, which will always be my main blog because I enjoy the expressive power of Movable Type and its related plugins. On this blog I'll try to keep it to posts that are by some definition related to me in some way (journal, photos, job) or expressing my interests (sports, books, movies). Also, I use movabletype on kwc blog to manage my reading list and movie list.

My friends Kenji and Justin helped set me up with a Live Journal account. I haven't figured out yet how I'm going to maintain the balance of posts with LJ. daveXtreme helped setup a syndicated feed from this blog to LJ, so the contents of this blog will be mirrored there. However, the way syndicated feeds work, I am not the "owner" of this feed so I can't do much to maintain/modify it.

I had to sign up for a Xanga blog so that I could post to my friend's Xanga blogs. I don't like the restriction that only Xanga members can post on their blogs, so I'm not planning on actually posting there, only maintaining it enough that they don't close the account (and thus, my ability to post).

There's also 1010, consisting of members of the 1010 Golf Ct house and extended community, which I've given occassional mention here already. I'm planning on moving more of my link posting over to 1010, which should reduce the number of posts on this blog and make it easier for those consuming my syndicated feed over at LJ.

To summarize:
1) kwc blog: posts related to me, or expressing my interests, including my movie and reading lists
2) 1010 (community blog for myself, metamanda, honeyfields, and pqbon): largely a mirror of the crazy stuff that BoingBoing and FARK provide me with.
3) kwc livejournal: I'm not sure what I'm going to use this for. If you are a LJ user it's much easier to follow along in the community and your comments get a nice little icon, so in many ways I have the account for the same reason as Xanga. I make posts more specific to the LJ community there, seeing as I participate in a lot of fantasy sports leagues with them and may make posts relating to those.
4) xanga blog: exists only so that I can post comments on Xanga, as Xanga is evil and doesn't allow anonymous comments. I'm not linking it here because it's of little interest.

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