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Book: Holes

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I enjoyed the movie holes, and I enjoyed reading the book as well, but I didn't really do it justice by watching the movie first. I enjoyed going to the movie without any preconceptions, and I started the book with every possible preconception. Also, as Holes is a children's book, the movie was able to adapt it without dropping too many of the detalils. In fact, it probably took me as long to read the book as it did to watch the movie. The only detail that I noticed was significantly different is the fact that main actor in the movie a skinny beanpole, and the character he is meant to play is, well, fat, which affects his social relationships with other characters. The book was nice, but I need a 'forget' button so that I can read it without my memories of the movie influencing my interpretation of the story.

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Hannah Kirkland:

i think magnet is sooo good looking and squid!!


i love the book AND the movie as well.

Rayco Lee:

the book was awesome and enjoying to see the movie and the book the was the best movie and book i ever read and saw.

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