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I've had discussions two nights in a row about the nature of my blog posts, so I went back to this kuro5hin article called Portrait of a Blogger, which I found fairly amusing because it managed to nail some aspects of our blogging perfectly. For example, for my personality, it says

Just found a site here, here, and here, regarding what I posted a couple hours ago regarding this. I'll post more links later!
See, fate has pre-ordained that my blog focuses on the world around me, rather than my interactions with the world. I also found the habitat description to be funny, especially for metamanda who just moved from the Rob House Commune to the Mission in SF. What does the article have to say about this?
INFP: "Habitat: Cute little bungalows in low rent districts across the U.S. with picket fences and groovy colored houses."

INTP: "Habitat: Usually a messy desk type area with lots of caffeine nearby. Techie Bloggers have been known to be nomads, though, with the advent of wireless internet technology. You may see them anywhere as a result, although most tend towards urban areas."

There is no free will :).

I also found another analysis that's less humorous but useful:
Bloginality: the INTJ personality


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