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Interesting day

Today was far too interesting of a day to pass up the opportunity to write about it. I knew it was going to be at least busy, given that I had three social engagements to go to, but I didn't know that it would provide so many interesting experiences as well.

The day started off on a weird note. In fact, it started off with a dream, and it wasn't even my dream. As metamanda tells it, she was dreaming about standing at a BART station, next to the train tracks, an appropriate dream considering her recent introduction to SF mass transit. The train was coming, but she realized that she was on the wrong side of the tracks, and, in a panic, she decided her best course of action would be to leap across the tracks before the train arrived. Unfortunately, she didn't make it.

Why am I transcribing someone else's rather mundane dream? Well, I recall it as well. You see, I woke up to metamanda standing on top of the bed, eyes open, body pressed against the wall, muttering "It's coming." Before I could converse with her to find out what "it" was, she turned and leaped head first off the bed, into the nightstand, knocked over a glass of water, and landed with a tremendous thud on the floor.

When she woke up in the morning she mentioned to me that she had fallen out of bed the night before. I corrected her use of the verb "fell" and suggested that "leaped" would a much better choice. She didn't believe me at first, but I then asked her about what her dream was. She recalled the train tracks, and then noted that they were lowered, in fact, they were lowered about the same height as the bed, and they were dimly lit just like the room. Also, in the dream, when she jumped, she landed on the tracks... right about where the floor would be. How odd.

There's more "interesting" stuff, to me at least, but this entry is getting long so you'll have to read the extended entry or watch the news if you care to find out what.

After metamanda was finished cataloguing her bruises, we drove up into the city to find some dim sum. We actually managed to find the place we went before in Chinatown, which is a difficult task if you're not Chinese. It was a nice place on Pacific, which served up yummy pork buns and managed to consistently gross out wdj's roommate, who was having her first dim sum experience.

After dim sum we tried to track down an electric fly swatter, because, if there's anywhere that should sell one, it would be Chinatown. We failed, but I did get a $2.50 umbrella, which managed to break two and a half blocks later. If I had bought the $4.00 umbrella it probably would have lasted to the Stockton tunnel.

Metamanda and I then drove back down to Palo Alto to go to the Stanford bookstore to pick up some presents. I put on my best Kevin-Kline-Fish-Called-Wanda impression along the way, screaming at all the idiots who were driving in the pouring rain without their lights off. The impression didn't convince anyone to turn on their lights, but maybe the didn't hear me through the rain and my rolled-up windows.

After the bookstore we went to Goodwill next to my place to buy me a sweater for wdj's Ugly Sweater and Egg Noggin' party. Almost immediately we found a hideous sweater, but it was in the woman's section, and I let metamanda have it instead. It was bright red, with shoulder pads and sequined Christmas items sewn into it, like trumpets and ornaments. It was so beautiful, in an ugly sort of way. I had quickly given up on finding a men's sweater anywhere near as hideous, but metamanda came to the rescue with idea along the lines of "if you can't beat 'em, change the rules." She found a bright gold shirt as well as a silver-sequined hat, which, combined with a loop of metal wire on top, made me look like a fairly convincing Christmas ornament. We also found her a pair of raindeer horns at Albertson's that do a red-LED rendition of Jingle Bells and hung a sprig of fake mistletoe in between.

Costume making was followed by the company Christmas party, which featured the typical discussions of Orlando Bloom among the women and Alias among the men. I also found out how to get on top of the MIT dome, knowledge which I will hopefully put to use some day. It also turns out that I'm really bad at judging people's height. I must be walking around with a hunchback, because I thought that someone who is 5'11" was 6'4"-5". My mom always told me not to slouch.

The final event of the evening, if you've been carefully reading, was the ugly sweater and eggnog party. We knew the party was about to get a lot more interesting when we exited off the freeway and discovered that San Francisco was really dark. Intersection after intersection the lights were out, though oddly enough a generator seemed to be powering a Christmas tree in one of the buildings we passed. Take that NY.

We crossed our fingers and hoped that the power outage would extend all the way to wdj's party, because how many opportunities do you get to party on the roof surrounded by a power-deprived city? Our wish was answered as wdj/psychoshepard's house was actually at one of the boundaries of the power outage. To the west we could see the familar glow of city lights, but to the east there was mostly darkness. We did miss the chance to hear the excellent selection of punk rock and other genre'd music that our hosts had selected, but we were entertained by our hosts frequently trying to turn on the lights only to remember that they were off because there was no power. Oh, and Nate was there.

All-in-all, it was an excellent day and night. I could say more, especially about wdj's party, but this entry is long and I'm sure someone will Xanga it. Thanks wdj/psychoshepard/SRI for the parties, SF for the blackout, metamanda for organizing dim sum and being a sleep-jumper, and Goodwill for the ugly clothes.

Comments (2)

glad I could start your day off on an interesting note. After you left the party I learned how to play the banjo, and once nate was too drunk to run around and act belligerent, he got sort of limp and cuddly. Er, cuddly in like, a nice way, not a gross way. Though he couldn't string together a sentence he could still pick decently.

miss you, but I'll see you in DC. Get there safely.



That's nice - when I left Nate was still chasing women around who were asking each other whether or not it was safe to let him follow them...

See you in a day or two.

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