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Congrats NASA

There wasn't much good news from space in 2003. There were record solar flares (cool images, but not good news), Columbia scattered over Texas, and Britain's attempt at Mars most likely a failure (unless a large crater manages to get out of the way of Beagle 2). Even SpaceShipOne managed to skid across the runway on landing. About the only good news was the new Spitzer Space Telescope, which promises to become surpass Hubble with the beauty and quality of its images.

Well, 2004 promises to reverse this chain of bad luck, and like any great NASA endeavor, it comes with cool photos as well. First, Stardust successfully rendezvoused with Comet Wild II, collected some particles, and snapped some pics. Also, the new Mars Spirit rover is currently trapezing across the red planet and sending back some nice photos. If you look carefully in the larger photos, you can spot Bill Nye's Mars sundial sitting on the rear solar panel.
panorama of Mars

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