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Google posted their year-end Zeitgeist, which is always a fun perspective on the content the Web provides. The Tour de France made the top ten, woohoo! Orlando Bloom made #3 on the popular men search, which is partly due to the efforts of metamanda (I wonder if they know to combine "elfin nugget" with his results yet).

I'm going to demonstrate some bad manners and post my own year-end stats here, not as an act of self-promotion (because the numbers are kinda pathetic), but because this is entry #800, and if there's ever a time to draw attention to yourself, nice multiples of a hundred are it. Also, I find it interesting to see how the number of visits to this site is steadily increasing even though the set of regular readers has not. This increase in hits is 99% due to search engine links. Apparently Google thinks I am an expert on Khleo generics (~300-400 searches/month), and my article mentioning YzDocklet is quickly gaining steam. Also, 61 people visited my site last month because the "Redskins Suck."

Unique Visitors 2003
May 2003: 280
Jun 2003: 709
Jul 2003: 1542
Aug 2003: 2160
Sep 2003: 3251
Oct 2003: 4237
Nov 2003: 4914
Dec 2003: 6129

Top Fifteen Search Topics Dec 2003
khleo generics/movie holes 364
statue venus london 145
ipod stuff 135
yzdock 118 78

atari adventure 71
cool inventions 62
redskins suck 61
terrell owens sharpie 51
frank gehry disney 51

internet blockers 45
wireless power 38
callipygous 35
photo stitch 33
stupid stuff 25

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