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GarageBand is swwwweeet

This might actually make me buy a cheap iBook:
- Apple - iLife - GarageBand

I really, really, really would have liked this a lot growing up, and it probably would have saved me a lot of money on amps and effects pedals.


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That's right, come on over to the Darkside.



But yes, those things are sweet and I'm happy about them. The iPod mini's, however, could have been a bit cheaper. I mean, $249 is not much of a price break. I guess them being smaller is pretty cool. *shrugs*


It seemed weird that the whole presentation Jobs was like "look, for only $50 more you get so much more with the mini iPod," because, if you follow the same line of logic, they you should just get the 15GB iPod instead with is another $50 over the iPod mini. Also, he was using fake numbers for the comparison. The Rio Nitrus is $220 and stores 1.5GB, which is a lot more fair considering that he was bashing Rio.

Anyway, the iPod mini does look pretty sweet and looks like it has better design than all the other mid-range MP3 players, but I'm still sticking with my 30GB iPod :) .


I guess this is an okay product for the mid-range mp3 player market (although I still think that it should be at least a little cheaper... $200-$220). Apple STILL should put out a low-end iPod though, in the $100 range. I think there's a market there that he's kind of missing out on, and eventually, Apple's not going to have such a strong hold on the MP3 player market.

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