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Gibbs Considering Return to Redskins (

I went to a chat session with Michael Wilbon and one of the people asked him "Did you ever think you'd see the day where the Wizards are the most stable team in the DC area?" DC is a football town, and Gibbs could bring all back together.

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Andy Glynn:

What in the world was his reply?



Wilbon's reply was to the effect of "You are the $@#$@#$ man! That is the question of the year! Can I use that in my column?"


Here's the full text:

Washington D.C.: Did you ever think you would see the day that the Wizards were the most stable franchise in town?

Michael Wilbon: I LOVE THAT! This is the question of the year. You are the $!*$@# man (or woman)! Can I steal your question to make itthe lede of my column for tomorrow morning? You are the man... or maybe da wo-man!

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