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Die Comment Spam!

After the most vicious attack to date, I finally caved in and installed MT-Blacklist v1.62. If the spammer were more intelligent, he should have stuck with leaving only one or two posts, as has occurred in the past. Instead, I was confronted with about 30 spams, which finally broke me. I should have broken much earlier, because MT Blacklist only took a minute to install, and would have saved me 10 minutes of deleting and rebuilding. It also seems really nicely designed.

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Andy Glynn:

I am entirely certain that if I ever meet, face-to-face, someone who admits to being involved in the sending of any sort of spam, I will physically assault them. I just don't think I could hold back.


When you find the spammer, I'll hold him for you.

And once you've knocked him down, I'll kick him.

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