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Tahoe vs. Superior

Bryan and I were having a discussion as to the deepest lakes in the US, in particular the Great Lakes vs. Lake Tahoe. I did some Internet research b/c I thought it was cool to surf through bathymetric images of the lakes and wishing that I still had/knew how to use ArcView. Here's the stuff that I turned up (he was right about Lake Tahoe being deeper than the Great Lakes, though both of us forgot about Crater Lake).

Lake Depth:
- Lake Superior max depth: 1330 ft (405 m)
- Lake Tahoe depth: 1645 ft (501 m)
- Crater Lake (deepest in US): 1932 ft (589 m)
- Russia's Lake Baikal (deepest in World/Russia): 5371 ft (1637 m)

Lake Area:
- Lake Tahoe: 501 km2
- Lake Superior (second largest in world/US): 82,414 km2
- Caspian Sea (largest in world): 371,000 km2

I moved the bathymetry of the two lakes to the extended entry due to size considerations.

Unfortunately, the color scales of the two maps are exactly reversed, which makes comparison a little more difficult. For the Tahoe map, orange is 35m and purple is 450m. The Lake Superior map has its own scale on it, with red/orange being deepest. Even with the color confusion, it's easy to see that Lake Tahoe gets deep and stays deep, while Lake Superior is generally only half as deep as Lake Tahoe.


01-12-04.Lake Superior Bathymetry.gif

Perspective bathymetry images of Lake Tahoe. (vertically exaggerated 4x)

Great Lakes Bathymetry


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