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Feeds Project Update

The 1010 Feeds Project made some gains today. Added in support for LiveJournal (RSS 2.0) and Xanga (decrepit RSS), so they should interleave in nicely as well.

Also, added in another feature such that the servlet loads the list of feeds from a URL, in this case, I had to do one more thing in MT to make this useful, which was to add a new index template and set "Link to file" to be "feeds.txt". This useful feature of MT allows you to synchronize the template to a file on the filesystem. A corollary of this is that you can use this feature to edit nearly any darn text file you have on your server.

The end result of this is that I can log into MT, edit the Feeds template, save, and then watch as my feeds are updated.

I still need to add in support for separate profiles, so that people can have their own customized "conversations."

Update: The feed aggregator is currently gummed up. Will have to debug it tomorrow (Tuesday) to see what's up. In the meantime, some more todos:
1) get comics feeds working (comic image + guess date)
2) include "Post Comment" for LJ/Xanga/MT if possible
3) attempt writing an mt-friends.cgi that allows you to list LJ/Xanga/MT friends
4) get site images working
5) write an example stylesheet
6) post the code

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