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Feeds Project Update II

Some more updates to the Feeds Project. I still don't know what brought it to a grinding halt, but hopefully it won't happen again.

I made a couple other changes that should make the interleaving nicer. Most of the comics now interleave properly, and I changed the format of feeds.txt. If you look at feeds.txt you can see how it should be easier to import livejournal or xanga stuff.

I also shrunk the feed window to one week. It still astonishes me how long even 1 week is, so to spare my server bandwidth I might shrink it more.

Later this week I'll add in user profiles, so that you, too, can have your own feed list if you like. This is targeted mostly at MT people, as the current rigging is easiest that way. If you would like your own feeds list, post a comment below.

bp points out that bloglines already does a better job of feed aggregating, though that's not really a target for this tool. This is mostly meant to replicate the xanga/livejournal feed aggregators, which are better at promoting conversations across multiple blogs, whereas bloglines is good at allowing you to follow news sites.


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