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Time to clean off some entries on my blogroll, so here are some links to share:

Want a cool favicon for your Web page? Chami's FavIcon from Pics lets you upload any image you want to create your own.

Linking to a NY Times article? Well, there's two problems: (1) other people need to login to NY Times to view the story and (2) after two weeks the Times archives the story so the link becomes stale. Luckily, there's a workaround: the New York Times Link Generator will give you a link that should work for anyone, anytime.

On other thing you might need for your site: animated menus. If you want to do it pure text-style and avoid all the annoying image slicing, you can try one of these techniques:
- Pure CSS Pull-Down Menus
- SimpleBits | Mini-Tab Shapes

Finally, it's always good to learn by example, so here's one using everyone's favorite site: Retooling Slashdot with Web Standards: A List Apart.

Most of these links probably came from Zeldman.

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