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You'd think that now that I have all the time in the world I would be posting 100 entries per hour, but it seems that the number of interesting pages on the Internet is inversely proportional to the amount of time I have to surf the Internet.

TNH posted this entry comparing Lieberman to Palpatine. I still go for the Lieberman/Gollum similarity myself, though I guess evil emperor trumps gimp with severe case of multiple personality disorder.

As for my health, I'm no longer in any pain, but I can't seem to feel the left half of my left leg. It's rather disconcerting when all the spatial components of your brain know that your pinky toe is there, and your other foot can feel that your pinky toe is there, but there's only a slight tingle from the pinky toe itself. I did find out that the steroid that they're giving me is the same stuff Jerry Lewis was addicted to. Apparently it made him gain a lot of weight, so maybe I'll be really fat when you next see me.

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man, how does someone get addicted to prednisone? It's not like it gets you high or anything. jeez.

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