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Superbowl XXXVIII *yawn*

If ever there were a game that you should TiVo up for an hour, and then fast forward to the good parts, this was it. Three minutes of excitment at the end of the first half, about ten minutes of excitement at the end of the second half, with way too many CBS promos in between, and a lackluster set of commercials (Budweiser Donkey commercial made me laugh, as did the late Subway being bad commercial). Even the announcers were bored trying to come up with safe euphemisms for boring ("like two boxers feeling each other out"). I don't know how the players managed to play through all the frequent stops in the game. I nearly went mad watching the Patriots take five minutes to move a single yard (run - measure - run - measure - run - measure - challenge - commercial - first down).

Personally, I think Brady was a uninteresting/poor choice for MVP. It was the easy/safe choice, but he was hardly exceptional during the routine punt drills and flag throwing that occupied most of the game. Vinatieri couldn't get it because he missed the two kicks that would have made a close finish unnecessary. I personally thought it should have gone to Vrabel. Two sacks on defense, and a TD on offense. That at least seems interesting, even if it wasn't dynamite.

Update: Vrabel was also the player that knocked the ball out of Delhomme's hand in the first half, which led to a Patriot touchdown.

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