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google, you're _too_ good to me

While I was sick, the traffic on this site suddenly quadrupled. Normally, this would be an exciting event for me, and make me wonder how I ever managed to be so clever, but it turns out that it was most likely because Google image search for "gollum" was returning a screencap off of this site (no, not the sketch you see here in this entry). Also, people were inlining the image in their Web pages straight from this site. It wasn't enough to hurt yet, but it was such a skew from the normal I had to take preventative action.

pqbon and this useful guide both deserve some Google juice; pqbon gets it for telling me that I could block the inlining practice using a .htaccess file, and the guide gets it for giving me specific instructions for using Apache's mod_rewrite to get it done. Two things that I wished the guide mentioned, though, were these two steps:

1) change AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All in httpd.conf so that .htaccess files are enabled
2) uncomment the load mod_rewrite line in httpd.conf so that the rewrite module is actually loaded

If this were four years ago when I was regularly editing httpd.conf, I probably would have remembered those two ditties, but my old age makes me forget things nowadays.

gollum sketchGoogle: It was an honor, really, to have such a cool search term top my lists. I brought back my Gollum sketch for this entry to keep me company now that all the Gollum fans won't be siphoning my bandwidth anymore. Please respider this page one last time, read my new robots.txt, and eviscerate that image from your brain.

Xanga people I don't even know: I'm sorry -- I know you can't upload photos, and I normally would't mind, but it was too much. Maybe xanga2mt will be of some use to you.

This page should show you what happens when you try to inline now: a tiny blue box.


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