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GoogleDot Effect

Yesterday I complained about the fact that Google image search for "gollum" was returning an image off my site. It quadrupled my outgoing bandwidth, but it was still within the capabilities of my DSL line. It could have been worse.

Take for example, these poor folks:
1) Google creates a Julia/Mandelbrot-themed fractal for its logo on its front page.
2) Google links this logo to an image search for "julia fractal".
3) Your site happens to be the top search result.
4) Abused by the heavy traffic, you put up a low-bandwidth page explaining your situation
5) Slashdot picks up the story, and links to you as well.

They are now the victims of the first ever "GoogleDot" effect.

The page they put up is here, but be nice and don't visit them for awhile :).

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