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mod_gzip on Windows

This one was a difficult one to Google through (kept finding old 1.3 Apache stuff), even though the process itself is pretty quick, so I thought I'd record what I did to get mod_gzip running on Apache 2.0.48 for Windows.

1) Downloaded the zip file with the built DLL from Index of /development/apache/httpd-2.0/win32/modules
2) copied into my Apache modules directory
3) copied the settings from my_cfg.txt (contained in the zip file) into my httpd.conf
4) Got a copy of zlib.dll. Placed this in my apache bin directory.
5) Restarted the server

Web Page Analyzer verified that gzip was working and also reports that I'm about 50K lighter on the HTML (20K versus 70K).


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Brian Stanfill:

Here's to head-butting the server (cheers).

With my current configuration, Apache successfully starts and recognizes itself as Apache/2.0.53 (Win32) PHP/5.0.4 mod_gzip/2.0.50.

However, when I run tests ( on my site with many different file types... not a single file type returns as being compressed.

My only guess is that I have inadequately configured the Apache httpd.conf file for the mod_gzip module.

I copied the my_cfg.txt sample configuration (but had to make a change because it specified <IfModule mod_gzip.c> and the module being loaded is

Even after trying many differnt "sample" configurations from various websites, no files show as compressed.

Where should I start for correctly configuring mod_gzip to compress the content on my webserver? I expect to compress (htm, html, php, js, css).


Brian Stanfill
Palmer, Alaska


To Brian Stanfill: You should probably change back what you changed. Yes, the file may be, but the IfModule line was written correctly. I think the identifiers are pulled via macro at compile time.... whatever it is, if you want to conditionally load mod_gzip, you'd better use a tag in your config.

Alternately, don't use an tag at all, but your server may not start up if you ever remove the file.


This is the only thing on the internet, which I Have found, that actually tells how to install Mod_gzip.

All of the other ones had missing information, and were making it harder than it really was. within a few minutes after reading this, my windows NT apache server now has dynamic html compression.

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