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Personal update

As some of asked, here's a health update: I'm back at work now, and have been all week. I got a shot in my spine yesterday that's supposed to remove the inflammation, and I'll keep getting that shot about every five weeks. It's meant to treat the symptoms, but not much else. My doctor says that 90% of herniations heal on their own, but that the healing can take 9-12 months. Also, 'heal' doesn't mean that I'll regain feeling in the areas that are numb now.

Overall, things are pretty good, and I'm happy. I think I that my left foot today might even be a little less numb, though gauging level of numbness is a lot more difficult than gauging level of pain, i.e. IMHO, it's harder to tell how much something isn't there.

I have been expecting a reinjury like this for many years now, and now that it's happened, it's not as bad as it could have been. I think I'll escape this one without surgery, though I'm still uncertain as to which of my hobbies I'll have to give up. The snowboarding equipment is going to stay on the shelves for awhile, but I'm hoping to get on the bike soon as it shouldn't matter too much how numb my left foot is. Ultimate and racquetball might be a bit harder, as I haven't figured out yet how to train my muscles to react quick enough yet to the delayed sensations.

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