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Community MT server coming to life

I kept talking about doing a community server, and, at last, it's actually breathing a bit of air. Granted, the breaths are more gasps right now, but with a little bit more CPR it should be healthy and on its feet. The final motivation came when I was talking to my friend Kenji, who was about to setup his own Web site. Both he and redchilipepper will be the guinea pigs for this, when everything is finally ready. The rest of us (pqbon, meta, and myself) will sit on our vanity domains and watch, as the following experiment demonstrates:

For now it's called, but the name will change as soon as I pick one from the list, or someone comes up with one that's absolutely brilliant.

All this happened with a ton of help from bp, who provided:
a) the server
b) apache config
c) mysql config
d) daily backup scripts

My biggest concern with a community server was making sure that the data was properly backed up out of the mysql database, and it turns out bp's server already has a rsync script running on it, that, with a bit of modification, should take care of the task quite easily.

So, in other words, I pretty much did nothing. And bp, I owe you a case of beer, or beer alternative.

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Glad to help! I hope the thing runs smoothly enough for everyone. This will be more load than I've stuck it under, but I have high hopes! :)

And, what better beer alternative than the root beer everyone things is a beer when you're drinking it - Henry Weinhard's is good stuff.

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