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Following quickly on the heels of xanga2mt, I know bring you tripod2mt. As you might be able to guess, it will convert the contents of a tripod journal into Movable Type's import format. It's not quite as good as xanga2mt; it should get all the public postings off of your page, but it is not able to grab your comments.

The fruits of the labor from these two scripts is now online: honeyfields' xanga and tripod entries have now been copied over to the new community server that we're setting up. As payment, she is now our guinea pig.

This is probably the last of the scraping scripts, though I am helping cshell move her account over from blogspot. Although Movable Type has instructions for doing this, last time when we tried it with redchilipepper it didn't work so well. blogspot is also one of those annoying blogging tools that has no notion of an entry title.

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