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I keep finding really interesting things as I go back through memorylane, and this one really freaked me out. I had known that I had written this story, and I knew that it was very similar to the Matrix, but I had written it in 1996 for English class, long before the movie came out.

Much of the movie the Matrix is based on pop-sci-fi, so to find that the two stories share the same "simulated reality" premise isn't striking, but I even called it "The Matrix." There were also some other interesting quotes:

"How was he able to see through the Matrix?"

"Dozens of tubes and wires ran in and out of his body. Nutrients still poured in and out of his body, and an I.V. continuously released mind-controlling drugs into his system"

The antagonist in the story is very different (in fact, I'm not really sure who the antagonist is), so in the end the stories share as many differences as they do similarities, but I find it remarkable that the only story of mine that I've ever written for more than just a school assignment would be so similar to one of my future favorite movies.

I don't recommend reading the actual story, unless you like really bad high school SF motivated by a desire to play with different fonts, all laid out against a background that makes it hard to read, but here's the link:
The Reality

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Clearly you should have published it. Then you'd be worth millions!!!


Then think of all the photocopies of the Symposium we could have made :)

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