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I'm still busy crawling through all my old backup CDs, which is my version of going through a scrapbook. I'm happy at some of the bits that I'm finding there, though I seem to be missing some old Photoshop experiments that I did in high school in college. I'm guessing these were on some old zip disks that I probably discarded :( .

sanctuaryI'm posting this entry because I found this old composition I did in high school, which was one of my first composition using Photoshop. I had just gotten Photoshop and had only used it for text graphics for Web sites, so this was the first time that I really played around with photos, feathering, and opacity. I submitted it to the school art magazine in order to get extra credit for my journalism course, but it was rejected.

I look at in now and go, "wow, I actually showed a bit of promise back then. What the hell happened?" As evidence (not of promise, but of lack of accomplishment):

Photo compositions in high school: one (not too bad for first attempt)
Photo compositions since high school: one (also in 97, and not as good)
though, in my defense:
Art classes in high school: zero
Art classes since high school: zero

Anyway, I still like this composition, though I wish I could find the original Photoshop file so I could clean it up and fix some of the poorer elements. I'm still glad that I stuck with my current career path, though first attempts like this wish I had more attempts to follow.

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