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quick MRI peeve

I got another MRI today. Supposedly they take 45 minutes because they figure that's how long they can keep you there before you become really annoyed. They get as many pictures as they can in that fixed time period.

Anyway, my real peeve is that if you're supposed to stay absolutely still the whole time, why in the world do they make the thing sound like an alarm klaxon? And not just any alarm klaxon. This one sounds like the "RED ALERT! NUCLEAR MELTDOWN IN FIVE MINUTES" type of klaxon. Hard as you try, there's this natural Pavlovian response to go into flight-or-fight mode the minute you hear it.

If they did something as simple as made it loud constantly, rather than the repeating alarm-style buzzer, it would go a long way to removing this rote response.

Apology to readers: I am hoping your visceral response to to the blinking red text will help you empathize with my meaningless rant. However, I do apologize: this is the first, and hopefully the last, time I will use the blink tag on this site. I will note, though, I can think of no entry for which it's use is more appropriate.

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