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meta's blogger or journaler? post got me thinking more about this site and it's intended audience. I've posted more about this in the extended entry, but I wanted to use the front page to ask this question, which is the reverse of meta's question:

What purpose does this site serve for you (blog/journal)? You don't have to answer in terms of blog/journal, simply state what do you want to see when you visit this site, and what don't you want to see. Be candid, and feel free to use examples. Negative examples are fine, though positive examples would be nice as well.

There are really two audiences for this blog: you and me.

For you, I try to post some stuff that I find interesting that others might as well, and I also post entries about myself (such as injury updates) to serve as messages to my friends in lieu of spamming people with e-mail.

For myself, I use this blog as a pensieve (to borrow from Harry Potter). The search engine and indexes on this site are my own personal Google for bookmarks, notes, photos, etc... I often reword or title certain entries so that they will be easy for me to retrieve in the future, and frequently during a meeting I'll use my blog to retrieve a bit of information to use in the discussion. I currently read over fifty Web sites a day, and with my poor recall, it's difficult to file on that information away into long-term memory.

Serving two audiences is a conflicting goal, and I tend to feel guilty when I post stuff on the front page of this site that is really just a reminder note to myself, such as instructions for installing _____ or todo lists for software I'm writing. Frequently some of you have mentioned that you don't understand a lot of my posts, and that's understandable, because those entries really aren't meant for you.

I also feel guilty when I go over the LiveJournal and see seven consecutive posts from my blog filling up the 'friends' feed, especially when many of those posts aren't useful to my friends.

I'm thinking of splitting up this blog into several pages, which MT should make quite easy, though I want to do this survey first to see what people think.


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i want more of your pretty, pretty pictures!

most of the stuff that you post just so you can remember it is (as i'm sure you expect) not that interesting to me. Except for the book notes. I like book notes. I can figure out if I want to read it. Or if I have read it, you usually notice a few things that I didn't.

also, i'm not the best person to ask, since i'm around you all the time and you usually tell me about something before I read it on your blog.

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