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I wrote most of the code that I will need to retrieve comments from Xanga and Movable Type sites (LiveJournal coming soon), though I haven't actually put it into the feed aggregator yet. For now, I leave you with a mockup, which uses a trick I learned from Jon Udell that uses CSS to insert photos for commenters. This is a nice effect (yes, I stole the idea from LiveJournal), as it helps me find comments by people I know pretty quick. The mockup was done by hand, and I stole all of the comments from a popular thread on metamanda's site.

The central idea with this mockup is that the comments appear according to when they were posted. This has pros and cons. On the plus side, it lets you see new comments really quickly, which is the central purpose.

It has the disadvantage that the comments are removed from context; it's harder to follow the conversation thread as it's occurring. I'm not as concerned with this as:
1) you can (and should) go to the actual entry to see the full comment thread
2) most people post comments in reply to the entry, not to another comment

Here ya go: Feeds Mockup. The mockup borrow's images from kottke for the quotation marks, which I will replace as soon as I have access to Photoshop, though I will borrow/steal the concept.

Comments are much appreciated on this. If you are offended by me using your photo from orkut to accompany your post, let me know and I'll remove it.

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