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Thanks! Interesting... I want a system that's super-cheap for most of the viewers, though. Contrary to our past discussions, easily 80% of the people I think ever want to view my photos aren't going to be very willing to install software. And I'm not going to pay $50/year/3 of them to let them see it, either.


I agree about the cost issues. It seems that if someone like ofoto deployed this instead, they could use their business model instead which relies on low-resolution sharing, hi-resolution print ordering, i.e. free to others until they want something physical.

I like the publishing experience: dragging into a folder. It doesn't rely on the end-user having to learn new software GUIs or use crappy Web-based ones that are suited for file upload. The easiest of all solutions would probably be building it into iPhoto or Photoshop Album, but I would still want to the ability to exercise the file folder metaphor to view what I have shared.

I agree with you on the installation issue, with slight caveats. You could build your technology model such that it can be incorporated into other Web-based or client applications, the most obvious of these being RSS readers. While they are current a niche market, sites like My Yahoo are starting to support it, and I don't think it will be long before browsers and other portals support it.

When I "publish" an album, all I have to do is send out the RSS for it, and the RSS conventions would take care of notifying your friends of updates/etc... Extended versions of RSS could add in the photo meta data such as captions and keywords/tags. I know I'm not the first to bring up this use of RSS.

Given enough time and popularity, specialized photo-sharing clients would evolve that offer advanced functionality, such as automatically importing the photos into your own photo software (because the one thing that pisses me off about being sent links to an online photo album is that it is hard to download the photos locally).

Someone has already written a demo client that publishes iPhoto albums to TypePad using the Atom API, so how long will it take for the reverse to be true?

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