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I think the cortisone is giving me insomnia. Haven't slept right in at least a week, and I'm tired in a way that's resistent to caffeine: the caffeine just heightens my disorientation. It's bad enough being tired but not being able to keep the proper caffeine/blood composition is too much, too much I say!

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Try mixing with alcohol and NyQuil. Or read a book.


hmmm, I wonder mixes well with NyQuil. Rum? I guess vodka is always a good standby.

My insomnia problem is on both sides of sleep: I'm staying up too late, and I'm waking up too early and then not being able to fall back asleep. The evening cocktail will probably help with the first part of the problem. Maybe I should keep a shot on my bedstand for when I wake up :).

definitely tequila. Oh wait, you don't drink that.

Maybe gin. I think the aftertastes would complement each other. You could make a bombay sapphire and nyquil cocktail and it would be a beautiful color.

Tequila (the gold kind) and dayquil would be a good variant on the tequila sunrise, too.

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