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Feeds Project: Update IV, "Powered by 1010 Aggregator"

This is possible the first useful application of the 1010 aggregator. The front page of is now powered by aggregator so that you can see all of the recent community blog entries listed there. The best part: it works just like a blogroll; you only have to had to add a single line of HTML to incorporate your feeds (see extended entry).

I'm really liking this, because it is a good counterbalance to some of the weaknesses of MovableType:
- no need to rebuild your MT page to see the latest feed updates
- all the work is done elsewhere
- your pages rebuild just as fast as they did before

Also, you can use CSS to change the appearance of the feed so that it matches your site.

The next thing on deck is to get it to display comments, which I've had code for but have still not integrated because of other pressing issues.

The 'magic' line of code is too wide to post on the front page, but now that we have a bit more space here it is:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

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