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Cellular resurrection

My cellphone has miraculously started coming back to life, though, like me, it's a bit gimpy. The screen is every-so-slightly messed, and some of the buttons aren't working too well/not working at all, but I was able to make an intelligible phone call with it.

Part of the problem seems to be that the detergent fouled the contacts underneath the buttons, including the power button. I started pressing the power button in frustration and suddenly the phone turned on. Once the phone powered up, I discovered many other buttons were not working, but most of them were similarly fixed by sufficient pounding. So let this be your lesson kiddies: when something ain't working, banging on it in frustration is always is a good idea.

I'm still amazed that the phone is doing as well as it is. Time will tell if there is a small drop of water still in it that spoils the whole deal, but I retract my previous request for a cell phone. Those of you who know my previous phone know how sturdy it was, but I think that this little event with the washing machine may have given the Nokia 6800 first place in the ironphone competition.

Many thanks to Rosy, who was kind enough to respond all the way from Japan :).

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