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GSM phone request

It looks like it will be a bit more expensive than I thought to replace my cell phone, unless I waiting three months. When I first switched to AT&T, their policy was that you could get a phone upgrade discount every six months. That has now been increased to nine months. I've only had my (broken) cell phone for six months now, so in order to not spend $200+ on a new cell phone, my best option is to wait.

My request to you all is that if you have a spare GSM cell phone that you're not using, is it possible for me to borrow it for the next three months? I'll make the same promise to you as I made to the pho list: I promise to take good care of it and keep it clean (without the use of laundry detergent).


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*delurks* much-loved Nokia is at my parents' house, and I am emphatically not using it (being in Japan at all)...if you can't find anyone else to loan you one, I could get them to send it your way I'm sure...

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