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Rosy posted an entry that records, in part, her visit to Hiroshima and the atomic bomb memorial there. This brought back a lot of memories of my visit to Nagasaki's memorial, and makes me wish that I hadn't lost all my materials from that visit when I moved from Japan. Luckily, parts of what Rosy wrote made me remember some of the similar things on display at Nagasaki.

One thing in particular that Rosy's entry brought back was the memorials of a thousand cranes. When sa got married and they told me that it was a Japanese Hawaiian tradition to make a thousand cranes before a marriage, I was confused. I had only heard of that tradition in the context of "Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes," which is the story of a girl with Hiroshima-bomb-caused leukemia who believes that if she is able to make a thousand paper cranes, the gods will grant her wish to be healed. While I guess a similar wish-making principle applies to marriage, the juxtaposition between terminal illness and marriage was a bit odd.

When I visited Nagasaki, cords of a thousand cranes where everywhere, honoring Sadako's spirit. Rosy managed to snap a photo of these at Hiroshima. You can compare that with this photo and this other photo from the wedding, which show a small number of the cranes.

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