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Escape from San Francisco

My commute to work this morning felt like a videogame.

Level 1: Acquire transportation
- Objective: Successfully navigate across 22nd Street, which has temporarily been renamed the 22nd Street River.
- Obstacles: Ankle-to-knee-deep water on 22nd Street.
- Mission status: Lost 10 health for water-soaked shoes.

Level 2: Maze
- Objective: Ignore parking tickets on car and navigate towards freeway.
- Obstacles: Flooded streets, in particular Cesar Chavez, which has been renamed Cesar Chavez River (22nd Street River has been renamed to 22nd Street Stream). Closed on-ramp at Van Ness (police cars). Closed on-ramp on Bryant (cleanup crew).
- Mission status: Successfully navigated to 280 on-ramp near 6th, or thereabouts.

Level 3: Low-vis driving
- Objective: Drive down 280 to 101 to Menlo Park
- Obstacles: Visibility intermitently shrinking to ~15 feet at points. Sudden stops on freeway at locations where the freeway is completely flooded.
- Mission status: Successfully navigated around several large puddles, made it to Menlo Park.

Bonus level: Deleting e-mail.
- Objective: Open up e-mail account and delete the 30 (and growing) e-mails because someone decided to open up a debate on gay marriage and social security.
- Obstacles: Potential for RSI from repeated deletion of e-mail.
- Mission status: ongoing

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shit. I had parking tickets?


This must be Gran Turismo: Bay Area Flood Edition...


With a bit of Grand Theft Auto thrown in. I was definitely tempted to jump out the car and jump into a big pickup so I could say, "To hell with the flooding, I'm going straight through!"

I was also tempted to knock the tiny parking enforcement vehicles into the larger puddles, as they seemed to be out in full force despite the inclement weather.

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