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Free dinner

I'm currently at 922 entries (this is #922). At my current pace, it means that I should hit the 1000 mark sometime in the next 3 months.

To celebrate the monumental waste of time that is this blog, I offer the following contest to my friends:

Guess the date that I post entry 1000, I buy you a free dinner

As an aid, you should click on the "Monthly" link near the top of the front page. It has a histogram of my monthly posting rate, which should help guide your entries.

Contest rules:
1) Winner is the closest time, regardless of over/under.
2) Dinner can be anywhere, as long as it the restaurant is in Menlo/PA/MV/Sunnyvale.
3) Others may come to the dinner, but the contest only covers your meal (no silly gimmicks either :) ).
4) There must be at least five entries, as pools of four people or less are kinda silly.

Do not send me your times -- if I know your guesses, then people might accuse me of rigging the contest, especially if meta wins. Instead, post a comment to indicate that you're interested in the competition, and I'll figure out a way to collect your guesses without actually seeing them.


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> md5 kwc_guess
MD5 (kwc_guess) = 392ee28a23ed4c29272dd14a0f17e91a

(not in ctime() format, naturally)


excellent approach. for the those of you without md5 utils, here's an online md5 generator:






0186b6cc72520b30ee2670d46a89a84a ~/ken1000post.txt

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