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Animated gif for Kenj

Kenji was talking with me about animated gifs, as I guess he's planning on making some soon. Here's one that he can aspire to (made by someone who had too much time on his/her hands):
- animated gif

WARNING: the above link is the most frikkin' intense stickman I've ever seen. In fact, stay away from it if you're prone to seizures.

(via BoingBoing guestbar (Johannes Grenzfurthner))

Comments (7)


holy crap!


Whoa, that almost crashed my poor little 400MhZ laptop...


it makes me woozy :)

That is very impressive. Stick figures look easy, but it is very difficult to get them to move in a convincing, lifelike way. Since it's all stark lines, you get no leeway for error in animation.

way cool.


Kind of reminds me of the animated kungfu stickmen of ...

that was to most intense thing ever. i can feel my eyes receding into my head... ughhh...


hey..... the link doesnt work..

um....... can u do something about fix teh link ^.^

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