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My first iTunes Music Store purchase

I've managed to win three free songs from Pepsi cans (out of five tries from the vending machine down the hall). I've been debating my purchases carefully, as I would prefer to purchase songs that I wouldn't otherwise want to buy the album. One hit wonders fall into this category, but I'm not really into one-hit wonders. New tracks released just for a greatest hits compilation also fall into this category, as do B-sides for an album you already own.

I had my heart set on getting White Stripes' cover of "Jolene," as the vinyl 45 with the song on it sells for $25, but iTMS doesn't carry it. I then checked for the extra tracks that Soul Coughing had on their greatest hits album, but iTMS doesn't carry that either.

Nearly defeated, I saw a link on the front page to an "exclusive track," White Stripes' cover of Black Jack Davey, which is a B-side of Seven Nation Army. It's pretty rockin'.

Two songs to go... (Nirvana's "You Know You're Right" is a likely candidate)


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i vote for the cure.

because i'm cool.


The Cure falls into the category of "I'd buy the whole album, not just one song." If there was a way to win a free album with iTunes, it would be a different story.

yah. i had this weird hankering for "pictures of you" and "lullabye" the other day.

what's weird is that if you listen to the lyrics of lullabye it's not that comforting. maybe i'm just demented.

did i tell you that's my new favorite word of the week?

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