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Spellcheckers for your Web browser

I got into a discussion on Kenji's site that evolved into a discussion about built-in spellcheckers for browsers, so I thought I'd repost that info over here. Both Internet Explorer and Mozilla have extensions that allow you to do spellchecking, which is really useful when you're blogging, posting, or writing e-mail.

- If you use IE, you can install ieSpell which gets positive reviews. I don' t use IE so I can't attest to how good it is.

- If you use Mozilla Firebird (not the newer Firefox), you can download the new spellchecker extension. It works on Firefox, but it crashes if you try to spell check anything that has a URL in it, so I wouldn't recommend it. It's far worse to lose a post than it is to have a spelling error. I imagine that a better version is coming soon, but just not now.

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And, yes, as your comment suggested over on Kenji's blog, all you have to do to turn on spell checking in Safari is "Edit->Spelling->Check Spelling As You Type".

Spelling should be available to any Carbon app, though I think you have to go through just a little bit of work as an app developer to enable it in "As You Type" mode for a specific text box. Unsurprisingly, Apple didn't miss that one little detail with their browser.


Thanks for the followup - I didn't want to post the info b/c I had no way to verify it.

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