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I've talked about ths with a bunch of people. I think it would be really great of the iPod had a color screen, video out, and also sync'd with your photo album. Combine that with the Belkin Media Reader, which allows you to load photos from your camera onto your iPod, and you have a pretty killer portable device. Here are some scenarios:

- If I was visiting my parents, I could pull up a photo album, set slideshow, and then have that play on my parents' TV.

- If I was having a party, I could load in some photos, select some music tracks, and have both audio and visual entertainment during the party.

- If I'm talking with someone and I want to show them a photo I took awhile back. I can just bring it up on my iPod. It won't be the prettiest rendition of the photo, but it beats carrying a printed album all the time.

Given that the iPhoto and iTunes are very similar applications in terms of how you use them/playlists/rating/etc... syncing photos in addition to music should be a very graceful transition and easy for users to understand. If I have enough space I could have it sync all of my photos, or I could just sync in my highest rated photos with a smart playlist.

So why did I bring all of this up? A story on Yahoo! News hints that a photo iPod might be in the works:
- A PhotoPod? - Engadget -

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There seem to be an awful lot of rumors and counter-rumors going around about a new iPod-based device. There was an article ( about it in the middle of February that got passed all around, and ever since then I've been seeing people argue back and forth about how legit these rumors are. *shrug* The timeline is about right - Apple releasing a new gadget this summer would be pretty consistent with their trend over the past few years - but I have my doubts about this one. I guess I'll wait for MacWorld to see...


hmmm, I hope it doesn't end up being a juiced up PDA. With a photo iPod, the UI can stay pretty much the same and the device pretty much remains the same, except the screen is better and you have a plug for video. With a PDA, it becomes an entirely different device with an entirely different focus -- a focus that isn't very useful to me.

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