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Back from Tahoe

I was in Tahoe in this weekend. Essentially, I drove four hours so that I could sleep all day Saturday and sit in a hot tub. In otherwords, it was a very successful vacation.

I've got some photos in the queue that I've been meaning to post, so I'll round out today's posts with a series I'll call "Through the Looking Glass," which involves Ryowa, my digital camera, and anything I could find on the table that was transparent enough to take a photo through. As Ryowa is a noodle shop, the three things I ended up using were tea, rice vinegar, and chile oil. Maybe I should post this on the newly redesigned metamanda meatamanda :).

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Man, my muscle memory in my fingers makes meatamanda so hard to type. My fingers constantly want to auto-correct the spelling. The pun is too clever.

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