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Rumsfeld and imminent threat

The Center for American Progress has posted this funny-in-a-sad-way video of Rumsfeld. In the video, Rumsfeld, in his usual brash manner, accuses the press of creating the "folklore" that the Bush Administration called Iraq an "imminent threat," and he challenges CBS's Bob Schieffer and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman to produce citations that they did. No sooner than those words were out of Rumsfeld's mouth did Friedman come up with two quotes from Rumsfeld:

"some have argued that the nuclear threat from Iraq is not imminent [but] I would not be so certain."
and to Congress (9/19/02)
"No terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat to the security of our people"
Be sure to watch for Rumsfeld's stuttering answer.

(via Moby)

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