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A new toy

shredderAfter experiencing an incident of identity theft awhile back, I decided that I wanted to get a shredder. While I was browsing the different models, I decided that if I was going to be doing something as anal as shredding sensitive documents, I might as well make it fun, so I splurged for the Fellowes PS70-2CD. In addition to shredding fifteen sheets at a time, it can also shred CDs and credit cards. It makes such a satisfying sound when the CDs are being eaten. Now that's entertainment.

WARNING: there may be no shreddable materials left in the house by the time pqbon gets home.

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Awesome. My own shredder only does 5 sheets, but it has a hard time even eating cardboard... I'm surprised that the CDs don't shatter and splinter all over the place as they are eaten...


The shredder manages to direct the shattering and splintering downward. They make a nice popping noise...

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