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Interesting approach to Social Networks + SPAM filtering

Loaf looks like a clever approach to using social networking concepts. The idea is that you try to identify non-spam by checking whether or not the e-mail originates from an address in your social network. That idea itself isn't unique, but what was clever is that the authors thought of using Bloom Filters to generate a small attachment that you could append to any e-mail. Bloom Filters allow you to test for membership, but they don't actually reveal the membership list. Using Bloom Filters and e-mail attachments:

a) decentralizes the approach (i.e. it doesn't rely on you being a member of Friendster/Orkut/etc...)

b) I don't have to reveal who my friends actually are. There are possible attacks that the authors are aware of, and their are tradeoffs in the amount of privacy this approach provides, but, in concept, this would be nicer than white list approaches (where only people in my addressbook can send me e-mail).

Granted, I'm still annoyed when I see .vcf files as attachments, so I'm not sure I would take well to this sort of attachment either, but it's a great start.


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